Sarah Palin Is A Witchy Woman


Official SarahPAC Halloween button.

Lynnrockets hopes that all of you had a wonderful Halloween. The traditions of this holiday, if you can call it that, have evolved and changed from its 2500 year old origin as a sacred Celtic combined New Year/Night of the Dead celebration to its present secular status as a time of costumed frivolity for all ages. Indeed, even in the United States, the way in which the tradition is celebrated has evolved in some parts of the country from the post- famine Irish immigrant tradition of costumed children scouring neighborhoods after dark in search of treats or, if disappointed in the treat or lack thereof, perpetrating minor malicious tricks upon the offending household, to the more modern style of holding a sort of all ages party at a neighborhood recreational center. Nevertheless, Halloween’s popularity has never been stronger and at least here in New England, the old tradition of door to door visits by spooks of all ilk holds strong and represents a time honored symbol of the passage of time from the summer season of light to the winter season of dark. For that, it is a wonderful annual reminder of the way things once were in a simpler time. Nostalgia can be both comforting and reassuring.

Okay, now let’s get to today’s anti-Palin song parody inspired by the theme song to the 1960’s television sit-com, Bewitched.

In honor of the troops, please click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with this 1960’s Halloween inspired television theme song .

Theme to the 1960’s television show, Bewitched:


(sung to the theme song of television’s “Bewitched”)

The witch, the witch
She must have come from Hell
The witch, the witch
Palin will cast a spell.
She must know just what she is doing
When she winks those eyes
Who will she next give a screwing
With her vicious lies?

The witch, the witch
One thing is so for sure
Sarah’s a bitch
And there isn’t a cure
She thought that she was “mavericky”
When Alaska she did ditch
She thought Facebook was her launching pad
But now we’re sure that she’s raving mad
And she’s a witch.

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  1. Lynnrockets, great. Did you know, too, also, that in one of her tweets she was channeling the object of Eagles’ “Witchy Woman?” She wrote something like, “not long until less PC tweets fly from my fingertips.”
    Eagles sang, “sparks fly from her fingertips.”

    If some of her fans thought about the lyrics of that song, they might disapprove of Saint Sarah.

  2. Learn something new every day. Nice work.

  3. Here’s Johnny

    Congratulations to John McCain for perpetrating the greatest trick or treat caper in our great nation’s history (we would have preferred toilet paper and rotten eggs).

    Yes, we get it: the prank will seem a lot funnier once Palin disappears!

  4. I found your blog while searching for images relating to Limbaugh and Palin.

    So I have to ask you, Lynnrockets, have you spoken with a doctor about your abnormal fixation on Sarah Palin?

    Your blog’s tagline says,”A space for political comment and satire with a liberal slant.” But it seems to me that anyone who writes about Sarah Palin eight out of the last ten times has a serious mental defect.

    Please consider the following titles:

    Sarah Palin Is A Witchy Woman
    The Palin Family: They’re Creepy And Their Kooky
    Sarah Palin: The Devil In Disguise
    Sarah Palin Is A “Liar, Liar Pants On Fire”
    For Sarah Palin, The Polls Are Failin’
    Sarah Palin Is A Halloween Scream
    Levi Johnston Plans A Little Sweet Revenge On Sarah Palin
    Sarah Palin: The Greatest American Zero

    Little boys or girls who focus abnormal amounts of attention on the opposite sex generally like or have a crush on that person.

    Sarah Palin, who left the political scene when she resigned (quit, for all the libs) as governor, and who has worked behind the scenes in no official position of power, seems to be a real thorn in your side, Lynnrockets.

    Will you openly admit that she is either your closet love interest, or you’re a stalker who needs to be treated by a professional?

    I doubt you’ll admit either one.

    See, if it was anything else, you could just take a few deep breaths and move on with your life. For some reason, you’re not mature enough to drop whatever childish concerns you have about Palin, so you post angry rants about her, hoping someone, anyone, will search for her name and find your blog. Then you will get the occasional commenter who agrees with you, and you’ll be vindicated.

    That’s quite a game plan you have. I hope it works out for you.

    On the bright side, maybe you’ll get a few clicks on an ad banner from your blog to help pay for your doctor visits.

    Best of luck!

    • I’ll quit blogging about HER when she stops injecting her views into the political world. SHE is an easy target (with Glenn Beck catching up fast) as the result of her wacky viewpoints, crazy family and tendency to feel victimized by any negative comment. Quite simply, SHE is the single most ludicrous political lightweight that I have ever witnessed and I thank her for providing a limitless amount of material to parody. For that alone, I must admit that I am attracted to HER.

      • Barton Olaafson

        I couldn’t agree more as far as the content that she (and Glenn Beck) provides you.

        I applaud your strength and ability to answer my post instead of going after me.

        Thank you for your response!

      • Please stop by to comment again. A little friendly banter is always fun.

  5. Its a dirty business but someone has to do it for the good of the Republic!

    Keep it up.

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