Sarah Palin: “Shrill Baby Shrill”

The scenic view from Palin's America

The scenic view from Palin's America

Sarah Palin’s ghostwriter seems to have emerged once again in the October 16, 2009 issue of  the National Review. In an op-ed allegedly written by Alaska’s former ex-quitting governor, Palin has reverted to the failed chant she repeatedly uttered during her failed national candidacy in 2008. That is correct, she is back on the “Drill Baby, Drill” mantra. She argues that in order to jump start the economy, America must start drilling for oil to increase employment and reduce our dependency on foreign oil. Of course that is the same rejected message that she was promoting last year. This time however she has added a new logically ridiculous Palinesque twist to her argument. It goes like this,

“Many of the countries we’re forced to import from have few if any environmental-protection laws, and those that do exist often go unenforced,” writes Palin. “In effect, American environmentalists are preventing responsible development here at home while supporting irresponsible development overseas.”

Let’s try to sort out her insane logic. In America, environmentalists have fought for and achieved environmental-protection laws that help preserve if not save the environment from some of the worst transgressions of oil drilling operations. So far, so good. That is a reasonable statement. This is where it starts to get a little kooky though. Palin goes on to state that because other countries do not have the same environmentally safe regulations in place as does America, it is the fault of the American environmentalists that there is irresponsible oil development overseas. So, let’s get this straight, Palin argues that we should be less environmentally safe in America and this would somehow entice overseas producers to be more environmentally conscious? Or is she saying that environmentalists are bad for the environment on a world-wide basis as they achieve environmentally safe procedures in individual countries? She’s nuts.

Drill Baby, Drill. Same old slogan. Same old Palin.

In honor of the troops, please click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with the parody.

Life In The Fast Lane song link:


(sung to the Eagles song “Life In The Fast Lane”)

Todd was a school dropout man, he was brain dead and then some
And Sarah was not really witty
They both hooked up and thought they looked so handsome
In the heart of Wasilla city
She had a nasty reputation and he was “First Dude”
The Palins were ruthless when it came to crude
They had one thing in common
With old Uncle Jed

She said, “Drill Baby Drill”
Till Mother Nature’s dead

Pipe in the gasoline
Sarah likes to wail and whine
Pipe in the gasoline

Are you with me so far?

The plan needed action, so said the dame
A bigger attraction than old John McCain
She called on Joe The Plumber
But she needed more pull
So she called on Joe Sixpack
Did the lipsticked pitbull
Those pipe-lines on the landscape, could seal her fate
So long as she had her cronies spreading politics of hate

The Palin fan base is not very bright
They are all old, straight and male and all of them are white, don’t doubt it

Pipe in the gasoline
Sarah likes to wail and whine
Pipe in the gasoline
Pipe in the gasoline
Oil revenue is fine
Pipe in the gasoline

(musical interlude)

Drilling and boring, blinded by thirst
She couldn’t handle Gibson
Katie Couric was worse
She said, listen people, don’t you know I’m “mavericky”?
I can see Russia from my house, even Tina Fey agrees
Mac said, call Rush Limbaugh, I think we’re gonna crash

The polls are heading downward and we need some instant cash
They were lookin’ for some leeway
The election was lost
She didn’t care there was oil ‘neath that permafrost, so it was

Pipe in the gasoline
Sarah likes to wail and whine
Pipe in the gasoline
Pipe in the gasoline
Oil revenue is fine
Pipe in the gasoline

Pipe in the gasoline
Pipe in the gasoline


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  1. Excellent! She’s already screwed up her own yard (Lake Lucille), and she wants to ruin it for everyone else because she’s a shill for Big Oil.

    Thanks for exposing this for what it is.

  2. Hey Palin! We’re just not that into you!

    The blithering idiot’s career as a public speaker is a bust, her “popularity” is at an all-time low, and nobody cares about the National Review.

    What’s the problem?

    • You can never have enough Ramones. Keep up the good work.

    • What perfect lyrics, BigPete:
      Stay around in my old hometown
      I don’t wanna put no money down
      I don’t wanna get a big old loan
      Work them fingers to the bone
      I don’t wanna float on a broom
      Fall in love, get married then boom
      How the hell did it get here so soon
      I don’t wanna grow up

      Loved the whole thing, especially the reference to the BROOM so close to Halloween, so close to her essential nature.

  3. It seems to me that all the negative vibes this blowhard (Rush Hudson Limbaugh A.KA. Jeff Christie) has been spewing over these many years has come back to blow back on his face (A classic “Blow Back”). He always tries to give off the airs that he can have anything he wants but as we all witness those with more money and more influence tossed him aside like sack of potatoes and the ultimate insult was that it was done in public (money don’t buy you everything butterball).

    Now of course he blames everyone else (Michael J. Fox, Perez Hilton, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Sonia Sotomayor, Hillary Clinton, Olympia Snowe, ESPN, NFL, the media, basically people of color, the handicapped, women and gays) when of course all you have to do is listen to his show and plainly hear his daily prejudices filled sermons. So NFL, I salute you decision, job well done. And to the whaling cry baby perched on his self made pedestal, quit your whining it was your own fault. He is reaping what he has sowed, KARMA, “palin and simple” like his followers. Don’t we all feel better?

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