Friday Night Music Byte

This is a follow up to last night’s music byte. The Concert for Kampuchea (subtitled “Rock for Kampuchea”) is a musical film from the best of the Concerts for the People of Kampuchea. The film was directed by Keith McMillan and was 4 nights of concerts in 1979 at Hammersmith Odeon to raise money for the victims of Pol Pot’s reign of terror in Cambodia. The event was organized by Paul McCartney and Kurt Waldheim (who was then Secretary-General of the U.N.), and it involved well-established artists such as McCartney, The Who and Queen as well as younger punk and new wave acts like The Clash and the Pretenders. The film finishes with the presentation of Wings’ Rockestra (more than 25 musicians playing together).

This is a video clip of The Who performing their 1979 song Goodbye Sister Disco. The song appeared on their previous album, Who Are You which is notable for being the last album on which drummer, Keith Moon played prior to his untimely death. In the video clip, the drummer is Moon’s replacement, Kenny Jones.

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  1. What a great clip; thanks for this Byte. Talked with my seat mate last night on the plane about how I met the guys with whom I went to The Who concerts. The meeting parts were funny, but didn’t tell him about the concerts which were both great but different experiences.

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