Sarah Palin Boob Tube Themes – 27


This is a true Back To The Future moment at Lynnrockets’ Blast-Off. It all started back in March of 2009 with a few Sarah Palin television show theme song parodies posted on the comment pages of various newspapers and accommodating blogs, the most notable of which are The Mudflats and Palingates. As the result of some encouragement from readers, we started this blog and continued to parody television show theme songs. All was going well until we realized that television shows stopped having lyrics to their themes in the 1980’s ( with the notable exception of Two And A Half Men which goes something like this, “Men, men, men, men, manly men, men, men” anyway,  you get it).

As you can imagine, we ran out of quick little television theme songs and had to expand into the world of real songs. This was a more difficult task because real songs are much longer and have a lot more words. Nonetheless, we have tried our best and to date we have been able to post longer song parodies on a daily basis. we must admit however, that we do not know how much longer the creative juices will continue to flow.

In any event, Sarah Palin’s junket to Hong Kong reminded us of a Saturday morning cartoon which aired in the 1970’s at the height of popularity of the martial arts films of Bruce Lee. The subject of the cartoon was a mild mannered janitor that also happened to be a dog as well as the martial arts master and super hero, “Hong Kong Phooey”. Luckily for us, the theme song has lyrics.

In an attempt to familiarize you folks with the tune and to entertain you a little bit, we have provided the opening credits to the actual cartoon below as well as the song parody. This is all a little silly, but we hope you enjoy.


(sung to the TV theme song of the 1970’s cartoon “Hong Kong Phooey”)

Who is this super zero?  Todd? NO!
Stapleton the SarahPAC spokeswoman? No!
Joe the mild mannered plumber?

Hong Kong Phooey, Sarah Palin’s alibi
Hong Kong Phooey, with a winking, blinking eye

Oh, she’s senile, no sense of style, a mouth that just won’t stop
When the going gets tough, she’s had enough
So she’ll Hong Kong Phooey shop

Hong Kong Phooey, Sarah Palin’s alibi
Hong Kong Phooey, with a winking, blinking eye
Chong chicky chong chicky chong chong chong
Chicky chop chop chop it bow wow wow

Hong Kong Phooey


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  1. Judging from the comments here and on Mudflats, you’ve had a pretty good day today. Please don’t burn yourself out.

    This must have come on too early in the AM—I don’t remember this cartoon.

    (Hong Kong Garden, Siouxsee and the Banshees)

    Hair brained nitwit flying here
    Spreading necon garbage everywhere
    Heaps of GOP brain disease
    While the trailer trash population feeds
    That junky mama floats on polluted political waters
    An old custom to sell your daughter
    Would you like number 23?
    Leave your yens on the counter please
    Hong kong nut house warden

    Tourists swarm to see her face
    A CLSA meeting is a puzzling place
    Disoriented she enters in
    Unleashing scents of wild moose jasmine

    Slanted eyes meet a troublesome surprise
    A political gal with brains far too small in size
    “Oh, try some Chicken chow mein and chop suey guys”
    Hong kong nut house warden take her away
    Hong kong warden

    Greetings from Hong Kong

  3. OMG! I was going to have “Hong Kong Phooey” as a title for my post, but was worried I was the only one who would know who he was! I’m so glad I’m not alone! :0)

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