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Thursday Night Music Byte

Sadly, another one of my favorite musical artists died this week at home of a heart attack. The following is a synopsis of his career from Allmusic.com.

To rock audiences, Jim Carroll’s crowning achievement was the near-hit “People Who Died,” a brutally emotional punk record saluting the victims of the New York drug culture. In truth, however, Carroll’s artistic legacy was considerably more complex and far-ranging — an acclaimed diarist, poet, actor and spoken-word performer, his formative years even served as the subject of the film The Basketball Diaries.

The product of a working-class background, Carroll was born and raised in New York City. A highly-touted basketball prospect, Jack Kerouac’s On the Road inspired him to begin keeping a journal at the age of 12; later published in 1978 as The Basketball Diaries, his early writings vividly chronicled his teenage addiction to heroin, which led him into a life of crime and hustling. By the time he was 16, Carrol was a published poet; 1973’s Living at the Movies further established his reputation as a prodigy and funded a move to Northern California, where he was finally able to shed his drug habit.
Inspired by the success of his friend Patti Smith, who also married a background in poetry with a career in rock music, Carroll began writing songs; in 1978, backed by the San Francisco band Amsterdam (comprised of guitarists Terrell Winn and Brian Linsley, bassist Steve Linsley and drummer Wayne Woods), he cut a handful of demos, and was signed to Rolling Stones Records. Produced by label head Earl McGrath, the Jim Carroll Band’s debut album Catholic Boy appeared in 1980; the subject of significant critical acclaim, it featured “People Who Died,” the group’s definitive moment.

Glenn Beck Receives Honorary Degree From “University Of I Don’t Remember”


Lynnrockets’ Blast -Off is pleased to announce that Fox News host and reich-wing moonbat, Glenn Beck has finally achieved the coveted crazy person status that ex-quitting Alaskan governor, Sarah Palin has held since August of 2008. For the first few months of this blog’s existence, Sarah Palin’s wacky antics assured that she would be the subject of the majority of blog entries. She now has competition from Glenn Beck, who’s recent psychological breakdown continues each night before our very eyes.

First we witnessed his numerous bouts of uncontrollable crying and sobbing. Next, there was his televised assertion that President Barack Obama “is a racist” with “a deep seated hatred of white people.” That was followed by Fox forcing him to take an unplanned vacation in an attempt to stem the flow of sponsors vacating his program. Then we had his week of indecipherable Einsteinian-like whiteboard equations which culminated in his misspelling of the word, “oligarchy” ( he wrote, “oligarhy”). And finally, we witnessed his Tea-Baggers march on Washington on September 12th of which he grossly exaggerated the attendance.

Please watch the clip below in which Beck claims that there were 1.7 million people at the event despite numerous reports that attendance was only in the tens of thousands. As support for his number Beck relies upon a study conducted by, are you ready for this…wait…wait… “The University of I Don’t Remember.” We are not kidding. This is what Beck cited as proof. Of course, the Fox News hosts simply accepted that assertion without question like so many rats following the Pied Piper of Preposterousness right off the cliff of truthiness.

When officials at the esteemed University Of I Don’t Remember caught wind of the unexpected shout-out from Glenn Beck, they immediately bestowed upon him an honorary degree. They initially intended to offer him enrollment acceptance so that he could attain a real degree, but when they reviewed his transcript and learned that his college background consisted of only one course (yes, we said course, not semester), his acceptance was denied.

Please click on the song link below to faniliarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with the parody. This one was easy. We didn’t have to tinker too much with the original lyrics. Please enjoy.

Undone song link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLMF5GM0Kt8


(sung to The Guess Who song “Undone”)

Beck’s come undone
He didn’t know what he was headed for
And by the time that Fox shows him the door
It’s much too late

Beck’s come undone
He’s either drinking or he’s getting high
And now his sponsors have gone bye-bye
That is Glenn’s fate

It’s too late
Beck’s gone too far
He’s all but done
Beck’s come undone
Avoids the truth while he shouts out his lies
Now he has to realize
Redemption’s too late

Beck’s come undone
He’s like a little mouse that tries to roar
A TV host that most of us abhor
A victim of his fate

It’s too late
Beck’s no Bill Maher
He is no fun
Beck’s come undone

Too many branches, but not enough Christmas lights
Too many falsehoods and not enough truth
Too many people with too many eyes to see
Too many lies to tell, but not in prime-time

It’s too late
He’s over par
(that was a pun)
Beck’s come undone
(Doe-doe-doe-doe-doe-doe- un doe-doe-doe un doe-doe-doe)
(Doe-doe-doe-doe-doe un doe-doe-doe doe-doe-doe)
(Doe doe-doe-doe doe doe-doe-doe doe doe)

(musical interlude)

It’s too late
Feathered and tarred
He’s dazed and stunned
Beck’s come undone
He didn’t know what he was headed for
And now he’s much worse than the day before
It is too late

Beck’s come undone
He’s like a fountain spewing out just lies
And sometimes he just sits there and cries
Glenn Beck’s character traits

It’s too late
Beck’s gone too far
He’s a no-one
Beck’s come undone
(No no-no-no-no-no-no)
(Doe doe doe-doe)