Sunday Night Music Byte

There was some big news for Beatles fans this week. The entire Beatles album catalog (originally released on cd in 1987) has been remastered and re-released. The sound is incredible in that you can hear instruments that were previously inaudible on the older cd’s. To date, none of the Beatles’ music is available on Itunes or any other digital format so cd is the only way to get. Buy them. They are great.

Tonight’s music byte is from Ringo Starr shortly after the Beatles’ break-up. The song is titled, “Early 1970” and is quite autobiographical. Listen closely to the first three sections of lyrics and you will realize that Ringo is describing each of his former bandmates in the order of Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison. He does a good job of revealing his relationship with each of them in just a few short lines. He ends the song by implying that he would like to play with all of them together again. Unfortunately that never happened.

Please enjoy:

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  1. Figured you had bought the CDs with the recent run of Beatles songs.

    Thanks for the advice, will likely buy tomorrow.

    Sometimes I think CDs are better and in this case, it should have only been released on CD. Intellectual property sometimes SHOULD have a tangible product, imo. This body of work deserves nothing less.

    • They really sound great, but if you are a perfectionist you might want to skip the stereo remasters of the following albums and try to get your hands on the limited distribution of mono remasters.
      Please, Please Me
      With The Beatles
      A Hard Day’s Night
      Beatles For Sale, and
      White Album.

      Although the stereo remasters of those albums are vast improvements over the 1987 cd releases, the mono remasters are even better. Presently, the mono versions are available only in a box set which contains all 13 albums. Problem with the box set is that then you also have to buy mono versions of the albums which sound better in stereo. The solution might be to buy the stereo remasters of the other albums now and then wait for a time when you can purchase the mono remasters individually.

      Did that make any sense?

      • CD’s are better quality than MP3s, and you still have them when your computer hard drive ‘gives up the ghost’!

        Can’t imagine listening to Abbey Road in mono!

      • Yes, that all made sense to someone whose first memory of a song was Hard Day’s Night.

      • BP:

        What I meant was that only the above listed albums sound better in mono. All the others are absolute perfection on the newly released stereo remasters. You would expect Abbey Road, Sgt. Pepper, Revolver and Magical Mystery Tour to require stereo mastery, but it is surprising that Let It Be is also better in the stereo remaster. Just as surprising is that the White Album mono remaster is better and the Help stereo remaster is better. Who woulda thunk?

      • Is it just me, or did we just sound like a scene cut from the film High Fidelity?

      • Very funny. Yes, it does seem like a scene from “High Fidelity”, but I liked the “High Fidelity” book better because it used British band and Punk references rather than the pop-style American music featured in the film. But, to each, his own.

        And give me some credit for crediting the British when I am Irish. I assure you, that is not easy to do.

      • I liked the book (but still think the film was entertaining), give you LOTS of extra credit for being talented AND gracious, and think the imagery of film on the cutting room floor was better than crumpled paper missing the trash can…just me.

  2. Very cool tune by Ringo!

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