Tuesday Night Music Byte

The Stompers story begins in the fall of 1977 when friends Sal Baglio and Mark Cuccinello decided to start a band. Stephen Gilligan and Dave Friedman, the only people to respond to an index card posted on a music store bulletin board seeking musicians, arrived a short time later. On November 7, 1977, the musical neophytes played their first gig in Beverly, Mass. While rehearsing at the Cambridge Complex in 1977, The Stompers met a guy who looked like Elvis Presley and sounded like Tennesee Tuxedo. Always in sunglasses, be it indoors or out, he was truly The Goomba From Another Planet; going by the code name: Lembo. Peter Lembo became manager of The Stompers on the very same Monday night that he stood in front of the stage at The Rat and booed the band. (True story)

For the next three years The Stompers rise continued. Their die-hard fans followed them everywhere. The band played in every college, roadhouse, nightspot and concert hall in New England, consistently packing them in. The still unsigned group was also invited to share arena stages with many national rockers. A tour with the mighty J. Geils Band in the winter of 1980 certainly helped increase the bands popularity by playing in front of 20,000 people a night, something for which The Stompers have always remained grateful. Touring with The Beach Boys was also a most significant co-billing, as Brian Wilson had been one of Baglio’s life-long influences.

From 1981 through 1986, readers of The Boston Globe voted The Stompers the Number One Band in New England three times and in the top three the other years. Mind-boggling indeed when you consider the competition of the era, as many locals had already gone on to national success.

Please enjoy The Stompers:


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  1. Thanks for this–they got to tour with some great ones. Hadn’t heard of them out here, sorry to say.

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