Senator Schilling? Umm, Thanks, But No Thanks

Red Sox pitcher Kurt Schilling with Bush (is that Teddy Roosevelt in the crowd?)

Red Sox pitcher Kurt Schilling with Bush (is that Teddy Roosevelt in the crowd?)

Let me begin by saying that I am a proud member of Red Sox Nation. That being said however, I also believe that former pitcher and future Hall of Fame inductee, Kurt Schilling is a whack job of the highest order. I will forever be indebted to Mr. Schilling for all that he did on the baseball diamond. He was one of, if not the most, instrumental player in the Sox’ remarkable four game sweep of The Evil Empire (a/k/a New York Yankees) after having been down by three games. Take that, pinstripers! He then carried on his masterful pitching in the 2004 World Series sweep of the St. Louis Cardinals to bring the first championship to Boston since trading Babe Ruth in 1918. We will always remember the “bloody sock.”

Nonetheless, it is Schilling’s politics that cause me to doubt his sanity. He has decided to make Massachusetts his lifetime home despite the fact that he is a Republican. He campaigned for both George W. Bush and John McCain. OK, so he has guts. He is also delusional, however. This week he has floated the idea that he may run for the recently deceased Ted Kennedy’s senatorial seat. Dream on, Kurt. You do not have a chance at winning that election. First of all, Schilling cannot run as a Republican because he is presently registered as “unenrolled” and he has missed the deadline to re-register as a Republican. Secondly, and more importantly, however, he is likely to compete against a field of Bay State political heavyweights such as Joe Kennedy (yes, that Joe Kennedy), Marty Meehan (former member of House of Representatives and current Chancellor of the University of Massachusetts at Lowell), Martha Coakley (Massachusetts Attorney General) and potentially, Vickie Kennedy (Ted’s Widow). He simply does not have the pedigree to compete with these contenders especially if he is not a Democrat. All I can say to you, Kurt is “I knew Ted Kennedy and you’re no Ted Kennedy.” Stick to your right wing blogging.

Please click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with the parody.

I Get A Kick Out Of You song link:


(sung to the Frank Sinatra song “I Get A Kick Out Of You”)

My state, thank God is not red, it is blue
We’re truly progressive, liberal yes it’s true
The only exception I know is the case
A few reps from the G.O.P., boy the Statehouse must be so lonely
Re-pub-licans now clearly see
They have been outpaced

I don’t care much for McCain
Giuliani doesn’t appeal to me
Jindal is without a damn clue
And Sarah Palin, “also, too”

Collins and Snowe they’re from Maine
It would be rich if they both made the switch
“Vacation-land” would be totally blue
Republicans would be so few

I get a kick every time the Grand Ole Party implodes before me
I get a kick cuz it’s clear to see, they obviously simply bore me

I don’t care much for McCain
Mike Huckabee doesn’t do much for me
Mitt Romney commands the flip-flopping crew
So I get a kick
Oh, it gives me a boot
I get a kick that we’re blue

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  1. Hey, I thought I lived in Vacation Land! I’ve been wondering about who will win the seat and hope this guy drops this dopey idea.

  2. Finally! An Ethel Merman tune that I can really BELT!!!!

  3. Pulling yourself up by your bootstraps

    When millionaire sports figures (and rich lousy actors) decide to join the politics racket, why do they invariably run as Republicans?

    • Nice clip.
      Are you making a comment about the Governator? He’s been a bummer of one, no matter how much money he made.

      • Ronald “Bedtime for Bonzo” Reagan was a worse actor, and was even worser for the country. That’s right; the crows are coming home to roost for the Reagan revolution.

        At the very least, the cows are out of the barn. And everybody knows that those pesky worms never, ever, go back into the can!

      • Reagan was a Bozo and bad for the country, I’ll agree with that. Couldn’t stand him when he was gov. or president.

        Unbelievably, earlier in his tenure, they thought of changing the laws so Arnie could run for president. He’s been basically a failure as Governator, so I hope he doesn’t go any further in politics. He’s only sorta OK when there is a brush fire, but after he pissed off the firefighters, even they didn’t want to stand next to him at the press conference a few years ago. This was because during the special election he went after them, the nurses, teachers unions. Nice way to win friends and influence people, Arnie. The people shot the Governator down completely in that election.

        This state is dysfunctional, I know, but why is every big decision on the ballot when we have elected our officials to do the work of budgeting, etc? Three Strikes has bankrupted the state.

        On a happy note, I do feel like we started coming out of the recession about 6 weeks ago. I could tell at Christmas 2007 that we had entered one, so I hope I’m getting the right signals now.

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