Late Night Music Bite

It is quite late (at least in Boston, anyway) and therefore this post will not indulge you fellow Rockateers with either politics or parody. We will however, get back to that in the morning. Instead, I thought I might entertain you a bit with a little music from my formative years in the mid 1970’s. The summer of 1976 was sort of the time that I began to grow-up. My friends and I had discovered all kinds of new things at the time. I must refrain from detailing most of them just in case I have to go through one of those White House vetting processes. I’m sure you can understand.

But I digress. It was during that free wheeling summer that my musical tastes matured from the Monkees and the Partridge Family to a sound that was a bit more rough and tumble. the Boston music scene was ripe with local home grown talent ranging from rock/blues bands like the J. Geils Band and Aerosmith to the pre-punk-like Modern Lovers to disco acts like Tavares and Donna Summer. Suddenly, a new band started getting some attention because of their completely different sound which was laden with electronics and synths. Their sound was unique but their name was not. The band was called simply Boston and their debut album was entitled simply Boston. They had some huge hits like More Than A Feeling and Foreplay/Long Time which seemed to be on the radio constantly.

The song that I liked best however, was entitled Rock And Roll Band. This particular tune lacked a lot of the band’s signature synthesizer sound but it told the story of how the band hit the big time after having struggled for so long. It was fun to listen to it as a Bostonian because of the local landmarks and such that are referenced therein. The whole album became sort of an audio soundtrack for my summer of 1976. Please enjoy Rock And Roll Band:


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  1. Nice. If I remember correctly, Donna Summer had a house near Wayne Gretsky’s subsequent one.

  2. Definitely their best song.
    Let’s not forget The Cars!

  3. Yes, The Cars! This area had some great music.

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