Glenn Beck Is A Shipwreck

Glenn Beck's only remainig sponsor.

Glenn Beck's only remainig sponsor.

The shipwreck that is the S.S. Glenn Beck Show is like one of those automobile accidents that you see on the highway and cannot help but stare at. It is ugly and horrifying and yet somehow mesmerizing also, too (gratuitous Sarah Palin reference intended). The Glenn Beck advertiser boycott continues to build in momentum as sponsors flee his nightly program which airs on the Fox News Network. It has been all down hill for Beck since he said on air that President Barack Obama “is a racist” and has “a deep seeded hatred of white people.” The negative public outcry was tremendous and a number of organizations, most notably,, have initiated a consumer boycott of those companies that advertise on his program. To date, more than three dozen major corporations have pulled their advertising from his show with more to follow.

Truth be told, Glenn Beck’s show has been a disaster right from the beginning. How many times have we had to watch as he broke down in tears and cried like a baby? Oh, what the heck, let’s watch again, shall we?

We have also witnessed his recent nightly rants against Health Care Reform on the basis that he believes that the United States has the greatest health care system in the world. You know. if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. Problem is, just two short years ago when he was on CNN, he had surgery and then claimed that our health care system was garbage. You can watch Glenn Beck And The Amazing Technicolor Flip-Flop, here.

Even Beck himself now seems resigned to the fact that his show is an absurdity that will probably be canceled by Fox News. This was made evident during his on-air rambling diatribe the other night in which he acknowledged the possibility of his dismissal and told us of his future plans. Shall we have a look see?

Bye – bye, Becky boy.

Please click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along to the parody. Have fun, fellow Rocketeers.

Desperado song link:


(sung to the Eagles song “Desperado”)

Desperado, you better come to your senses
Your racist offenses, so public now
Oh, you’re a hard one
But this will be your last season
The Fox boys are teasin’ you
Your show’s all done now

After your unseemly cryin’, boy
We knew you were unstable
We have all seen you fall apart on your set

Now it seems to me, you don’t bring
One sane sentence to the table
But what could one expect from crazy Glenn Beck

Desperado, you better fetch that old plunger
You’ll soon be flushed under that porcelain throne
Your kingdom, your kingdom fell and it’s not all that shocking
You just kept on talking till you were all alone

Will your deep dark soul hibernate in slime?
Your name, Glenn Beck, constitutes a crime
As does most everything that you say
Your sponsors all fleeing your show
Ain’t it funny as we watch them go away?

Desperado, You’ve shown us all what nonsense is
The prevailing sense is, you only hate
Your tears are rainin’, cuz you know nobody loves you
The Lord in Heaven up above you
(heaven up above you)
The Lord in Heaven up above you will decide your fate


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  1. I’m glad you watch this guy so I don’t have to. I wonder how his shirts/suits could stand to be touching him.

  2. This guy’s presentation and methodology is over the top, but, he’s message is the correct one!

    • He is a pure and total crackpot. he lost all credibility when the CNN clips exposed his flip-flopping on the state of our health care system. When he was the patient, it was the worst system in the world. Now, merely to follow in lockstep with the Faux News mantra, he claims it is the best system in the world. Such a monumental change in position shows that he has no real personal convictions and will simply chase ratings as told. I’m betting that it is not long before he is gone from Fox.

      He would be more entertaining if he was still drinking.

  3. I can’t stand this ignorant jerk. Imagine to the point where his image makes me notious. It is like stepping in a dog’s poo.

  4. I can’t stand this ignorant jerk. Imagine to the point where his image makes me notious. It is like stepping in a dog’s poo.

    It is that bad.

    • I agree with you SKY, but have to admit that when I saw the title and the initial photo, I laughed out loud and others in the store (was waiting to pay) wanted to see what was so funny. I showed the the phone but they didn’t get to read all of what was written by Lynnrockets.

      I hope the advertisers are beginning to see the truth in this:

  5. Cry baby

    The whimpering, whining, and groveling give the impression that the sappy little mama’s boy knows that no other cable channel would ever hire him.

    If he does get fired, one can only hope that management will be very gentle, comforting, and nurturing-he’s very sensitive!

  6. I am telling you people like Glenn Beck like play tough when they are most coward and cry babies on this earth. he can not defend his ignorance and rubish that he has been puking on Faux News.
    He is now looking for sympathy and playing victim.. Another example, Is Sarah Palin. Both are sick in their heads with their stupid beliefs, that they are entitled to leadership, and that their group of crazies are the only Americans that deserves to be in the white house.
    After Sarah condemed Hillary Clinton, that she was playing victim, and her (Sarah) claiming she was thick sickend.
    What came out.
    Cry baby blaiming ants, media, bloggers for her failures.
    She actually posted on face book rallying her supporters to get behind Glenn Beck.
    Together makes a perfect couple of cry babies and liers.

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