Glenn Beck Hits The Deck


The Glenn Beck advertiser boycott continues to build in momentum as advertisers flee his nightly program which airs on the Fox News Network. It has been all down hill for Beck since he said on air that President Barack Obama “is a racist” and has “a deep seeded hatred of white people.” The negative public outcry was tremendous and a number of organizations, most notably,, have initiated a consumer boycott of those companies that advertise on his program.

Since last week, an additional thirteen companies have pulled advertising from Glenn Beck. The most notable of these recent defections have been Clorox, Sprint and UPS Stores. This brings the approximate total of defectors to thirty-three (Oops, what’s that? Three more have pulled ads since yesterday? OK, then make that a total of thirty-six defectors). The fleeing advertisers have obviously caught the attention of Fox News executives as rumor has it that the station imposed an unplanned and unexpected forced vacation upon Beck last week in an attempt to provide a “cooling down” period for sponsors. Beck returned to his show on Monday, August 24th. He did not however, offer the obligatory mea culpa , a la radio host Don Imus.

Glenn Beck defenders have decried the boycott on the grounds that such loss of advertising revenue may force Fox News to neuter, if not silence, the television host in violation of his 1st Amendment right to free speech. Like Sarah Palin however, these scholars fail to understand the protections granted by the 1st Amendment. The 1st Amendment prohibits the “government” from restricting free speech (with certain exceptions), but it does not prohibit a “private entity” such as a television network from restricting the speech of its employees if it determines said speech to be counter-productive to its business interests. Then again, we must realize that study after study has determined that the Fox News audience is far less educated than the audiences of most every other network. So, what can you expect from them?

Today’s song parody addresses the Glenn Beck advertiser boycott. Please click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune of the original song and to have more fun singing along.

Get Back song link:


(sung to The Beatles song “Get Back”)

Glenn Beck is a man who’s soon to be a loner
Advertisers fleeing, fast
Glenn Beck’s getting punished for his racist boner
Soon he’ll be out on his ass

Get Beck!, Get Beck!
Glenn Beck, we’d like to say, “So long”
Get Beck!, Get Beck!
Glenn Beck what you said was so wrong
Get Back, Bozo

Go home

Get Beck!, Get Beck!
Glenn Beck, we’d like to say, “So long”
Get Beck!, Get Beck!
Glenn Beck what you said was so wrong
Get Back, Bro

(awesome Billy Preston solo)

Beck will be departin’ amidst lots of booin’
Racism will get him canned
All his advertisers say he’s got it comin’
So, he’ll go back to the Klan

Get Beck!, Get Beck!
Glenn Beck, we’d like to say, “So long”
Get Beck!, Get Beck!
Glenn Beck what you said was so wrong
Glenn Back, you racist

Go home

Get Beck!, Yeah, Get Beck!
Glenn Beck, we’d like to say, “So long”
Yeah,Get Beck!, Get Beck!
Glenn Beck what you said was so wrong

Glenn Beck, you racist
Now there’s tea-bagging for ya
Spewing your racist views
You’re e real bed-wetter
Get back home Glenn Beck-er

Glenn Beck!, Glenn Beck!
Glenn Beck, we’d like to say, “So long”
Oh, Glenn Beck!, Glenn Beck
Ooh, yeah

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  1. Hey, “Not Severely Worried For Months”, isn’t it too cool that BigPete is back?

  2. It is. How did you do this song so fast? That is a GREAT photo.

  3. Re read the lyrics and just love the ending. This will have me laughing for a while.

    • Been out listening to some great music tonight. Boston has a great music scene, “Not So Worried For Months”. Any interest in the J. Geils Band? I’m having one of those great summers of love and i’ve promised myself that i’ll get back to my firm after Labor Day. We’ll see if that happens.

  4. Yes on J. Geils.

    Did you look at the misheard lyrics for Centerfold on

    I was thinking Beck and Rush were on either side. Know that might not be a favorite song of theirs for you, but…

  5. Or this. Oh, I miss those days…

    • One of the best songs, on one of the best live albums, from one of the best-and somewhat overlooked- rock’n’roll bands.

  6. Check email.

  7. Office machine mutiny is in full force.

  8. The guy is an idiot sucking up to a whole bunch of other idiots.
    A dirt-bag of high esteem.

    J Geils…Yeah Baby! When a group of us Boston boys went out west to the Bay Area we turned them on to J Geils. Them were the days, nine people in a two bedroom house. We had double shift parties, back to back.

  9. It is too long already. It was too long on the first day, given what a bozo he is, but hey, it’s Faux.

    BTW, heard the radio station where Peter Wolf djed changed, unfotunately. Maybe in the past two weeks?

    • You are correct. That was the legendary WBCN. I have this great cd of the broadcast in 1968 when Peter Wolf somehow got an advance copy of the Beatles’ Let It Be album and played the whole thing on air, uninterrupted. A cool bit of history, that.

  10. Isn’t it funny how Glenn Beck NEVER talks anymore about all those dogs (Pit Bulls) he tortured and killed?

  11. Becks ratings through the roof. Yes, those people are consumers. When those companies are boycotted by the millions by Beck supporters, they’ll be in the proverbial squeeze; damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

    • Nope. You see, when all of that advertising revenue was lost as the result of sponsors leaving Beck’s show, It hit the Fox network where it hurts. Right in Rupert “The Red Nosed” Murdoch’s wallet.
      Should the show continue to bleed revenue, it will be canceled regardless of how many viewers there are. The network does not generate income merely by the size of the audience. Advertising sponsors must be attracted. Beck’s show is having the opposite effect.

  12. No idea of what’s happened to our
    I don’t care who you people hear it from but for cornsake take a look around. All he is doing is reporting the facts and adding his ideas of how to get us back.
    No joke kids… All this is very real. You’ve been misled by most of the media. Obama is a flake with a serious communist agenda

  13. To say that Obama has “a serious communist agenda” exposes your lack of political knowledge. In what way, may I ask, has Obama advanced the theory of common ownership of the means of production?

    Health care reform with a public option? Not quite. the public option would be merely a choice of the consumer who could also choose amongst the hundreds of existing private plans. No common ownership there. Secondly the mere means of payment for health care services is not a “means of production.” To the extent that the medical field has any “means of production” at all, it would be the doctors who provide it. Inasmuch as the doctors are private, once again there is no “common ownership.” The Obama plan falls far short of a single payer system, but would you call nations such as Great Britain, South Africa, Japan, France and Germany “communist” nations because they have single payer national health plans? If so, you are truly ignorant.

    Bank and auto industry bailouts? Again, the answer is no. Those were loans of which the banks and GM must repay the U.S. and repurchase stock if and when they become profitable once again. Indeed, many of the banks have already repurchased their independence by paying back the loans with interest.

    If you believe the alleged “facts” spewed by Beck, you best not take any written political science tests in which your answers would only serve to embarrass you. Please remember, Beck has no real education. He managed to take one (1) class in college. That’s right, not one year or one semester, one class. he has no real credentials.

  14. I know I’m giving my age away here, but I think I saw Beck way back when he was on the Howdy Doody show: Clarabell.


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