Godspeed, Mr. Kennedy

Let's pass Health Care Reform for Ted

Let's pass Health Care Reform for Ted

Camelot is no more. Its last shining Knight of the Round Table, Senator Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts passed last night. If his lengthy political career stood for only one thing however, it was the passage of sweeping health care reform. Please do what you can to influence your legislators to keep that dream alive. Do it for Ted. In lieu of flowers, contact them and show support for passage of meaningful reform. Should it become reality, that will be Ted Kennedy’s epitaph.

On a more personal note, I only truly socialized with the good senator on one occasion some twenty-odd years ago. I will spare you the details at this time, but it did involve a Jameson drinking contest. I lost. Godspeed, Mr. Kennedy.

For obvious reasons there is no song parody to accompany this post. Instead, please watch the film clip below while thinking of Ted, Jack and Bobby’s happily ever after days of Camelot.

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  1. Thank you for your inspiring post. Recently, I’ve started coming here every morning and evening for you humorous daily skewering in satire and parody. Laughter is the best medicine, which is why, for selfish reasons a few days ago on your open thread, I hoped you would continue both the serious and funny elements of your blog. While lately it seemed that I was the only one conversing with few exceptions, I hope you will get more traffic and that others are just on vacation before Labor Day and will come back to post so this blog is more than a conversation between two people.

    For readers who would like to act on your eloquent and sensible recommendation above, I hope you will provide the easy-to-use contact information compiled by HamletsMill on The Mudflats. HamletsMill started this list before AKM posted the deeply moving “Nazis” post and as refined it. When I saw what the two of them had done, I requested in the comments that we disseminate the AKM post using the list and communicate with Republican elected officials. Another commenter there, Mag the Mick, wrote an Open Letter to John McCain which was published in AZ’s most conservative paper. Kudos to all involved in getting the info out beyond our own echo chamber of the like-minded sites and representatives.

    I know your idea above can work from efforts I’ve been involved in locally. A small group of residents:
    spoke at city councils and other events;
    used PR contacts to alert the media;
    wrote letters to the editor;
    handed out information at farmers markets;
    organized precinct walking, phone banks and fundraisers;
    spoke at city council meetings and public hearings;
    met with elected officials in Sacramento; and
    so on
    to build a coalition of disparate groups to beat back an effort by the largest company in the world in its field from doing something I thought was idiotic off our coast.

    People of all ages, from eloquent great-grandparents down to grammar school girls speaking haltingly from the heart in front 900 people all worked together to support the effort of a well-funded, huge opponent. In the end, the state commission decided in our favor. We had our ups and downs, we organized and persuaded, and we won.

    May your inspiring words above do the same thing in the case of health care reform and other important issues.

    Carpe diem. Fiat lux.

    • Wow, that was a mouthful, “Not Swearing While Foaming (at the) Mouth.”

      By the way, I also too would like to see more folks comment on this blog. It gets about 3500 hits a day, but for some reason not too many folks leave a comment. I do not know the answer.

      Thanks for the informative info (sorry, was that repetitive?). Any efforts by folks to contact their legislators on this important issue will be helpful. It is not the people from my neck of the woods that will turn the tide however, because here in Massachusetts, our congressional delegation can be counted on to do the right thing with health care reform without the need for public input.

      It is the people from states with Blue Dogs that must step up the pressure and make a difference. They are the constituents that can vote the Blue dogs out of office should they not follow through on the mandate they were given. An out of stater’s opinion simply does not carry the same persuasive weight.

      In short, we Bostonians are counting on you folks to make a real difference.

      • “Not Swearing While Foaming (at the) Mouth.”
        LOL That’s probably the closest you’ll get!
        The funny thing was the person who motivated me to get involved was the person who inspired the name.

        There is a contribution you can make—check your email for my suggestion.

  2. Thanks Lynne,

    You rock! I saw your omment on saberpoint. Kudos
    I can not believe that asshole is attacking a dead person. He needs help. I was going to post a comment but I am on a work PC

    Did you see this post ?

    Read and follow all the links, AKM is under attack. We need to use her donate button. She needs an attorney. Sarah is after her.

    • Let’s use the right wing nut-job tactic of responding quickly to outlandish blog posts. I realize that such action on our part might encourage some of these folks to publish more false and/or misleading content, however, it cannot hurt to embarrass them in public. Of course this tactic only works if the offending bloggers will allow our opposing comments to remain posted. They have a funny habit of deleting opposing views. It is like running away, but many of them are cowards after-all and cannot defend their positions intellectually.

    • Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I did see that post. It is disturbing but AKM can withstand a frivolous legal assault. Trust me, I know.

  3. WOW, that person posting at saberpoint is SO off track. AKM is STILL posting and is NOT one of the people who filed ethics complaints. What a nutcase…

    • I agree with you. please remember however, that these people are in the minority and enclose themselves within bubbles of the like minded. In fact, it would be best for our side (i.e. the good guys) if these crazy posts were somehow made public and held up to some scrutiny by the MSM.

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Please do so again.

  4. Oh yeah, and I forgot to ask, where is the bottle of eye and brain bleach?

  5. Lynnrockets you are so right. AKM is thick skinned. I am just happy she got under their crazy Sarah’s skin.

    AKM is tough. I have deep respect for her. She is smart.
    Same to you Lynn, you guys just leave a big smile on my face. I will visit your blog more.
    Hey can I link ur blog to mine?
    InJuneau, you guys are my heros.
    Together, we will deal with the crazies, and I am glad that we do keep an eye on each other. Way to go mudpups. You all rock

  6. Hey lynnrocket,
    check #5 tag. Another asshole. Here is what he posted on you.check it out.

    I folAnd Here (this one is especially sappy…): https://lynnrockets.wordpress.com/2009/08/26/godspeed-mr-kennedy/

    Oh My Gawd! The cockroaches are crawling out of the woodwork to try to capitalize on Ted Kennedy assuming room temperature! This is just too good! It shows how truly desperate they are to try to ram this down the throats of the majority of citizens who don’t want it.
    lowed no 5 tag, and this jerk is compilling all the left blogs. You are also there.

    This is what the jerk wrote about you

    • You know the saying, “sticks and stones…” Nonetheless, I left a comment on that post. I am willing to bet however, that like most of these reich wing sites, my lucid comment will not be approved. These screamers and shouters seem incapable of responding to a reasoned argument. I’ll check the blog later to find out whether my comment was approved. I will not be holding my breath.

  7. I found that the best way is not to comment on their blogs, but to copy their rants and post them on Daily Kos.
    I will compile all their rants, and post them so that the audience at dkos can visit their blogs and flood them with sense.
    What do you think?
    You are too smart to play their stupid game.
    Their ignorance is beyond their brains.

    • Very good point and you are probably correct. Nonetheless, occasionally I like to stir the pot a little with a reasoned argument on their blogs. The response that I generally elicit is either that my comment is removed or a whole group of people lose their minds, scream and yell with all capital letters and start swearing at me or call my sexuality into question. You know, adult responses.

  8. trish in SW FL

    I just peeked at the idiots, and wish I could say I was shocked at the venom.

    However, it’s not shocking–they are just sick inside their lost minds!

  9. I’ve had the pleasure to meet and work for the Senator during his Presidential run in 1980. He was inspiring and the voice of those common folk who needed one the most. I salute you Ted! God bless you. Thanks for making the country better! You will be missed. And remember all…VOTE for the Kennedy of your choice.

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