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Palin’s Panels Of Death

Sarah Palin reacts to Death Panel verdict regarding her political future.

Sarah Palin reacts to Death Panel verdict regarding her political future.

As Sgt. Joe Friday from television’s Dragnet would say, “Just the facts, Sarah. Just the facts.” It would behoove all of Red America to heed those words of wisdom when it comes to health care reform. Honestly, is this all that health care reform opponents have left? These uneducated morons that keep showing up at Town Hall Meetings are making jack-asses of themselves every time they scream out one of their baseless talking points.

First there are the oh, so confused senior citizens who are screaming that they oppose a public health care option because they do not want their Medicare to be tampered with. Do they not realize that Medicare itself is a government taxpayer funded public health care plan? It would seem that their grey matter must have already appeared before one of Sarah Palin’s “death panels” because these folks are brain-dead.

Next, we have the flip floppers like Glenn Beck who go on Fox News every night and bemoan the potential demise of the greatest health care system on earth. Problem is, just two short years ago, while he was with CNN he said,

This is one of the most eye opening experiences of my life to receive health care in the United States. This is one of the hospitals where the President of GE is going. If they don’t care about the president of GE, do you really think they care about schlubs that are just average working stiffs?

A few days later he went on to say,

No matter how much our health care system would try to keep me down, I’m back. We seem to be a society or a system in health care that is that is just trying to shove the patients out that door as fast as they can. Getting well in this country can actually almost kill you.

Really, you cannot make this stuff up to be any funnier than it is. Please do yourselves a favor and watch the absolutely hilarious film clip of Glenn Beck And The Amazing Technicolor Flip Flop here.

Please stay tuned for more stories of the incredibly stupid Town Hall Protestors.

Today’s song parody is one in which we simply express the desire to get the actual facts of health care reform out there in front of the public. Please click on the song link below to have more fun singing along.

Taxman song link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Maz9ddxEQnM&feature=related


(sung to The Beatles song “Taxman”)


Let me tell you how it will be
Health care reform for you and me
So here’s the facts, man
Yeah, here’s the facts, man
Top two percent, they have it all
Fine health care and taxes that fall
But here’s the facts, man

(In those lands afar, far) Health can’t be beat
(It just costs a bit, bit) It’s quite a feat
(If you catch a cold, cold) Your script’s complete
(If you need nerve block, block) It’s down the street
Facts, man

(musical interlude)

So here’s the facts man
Yeah, here’s the facts, man
We need it like no time before
(Ah, ha please just fill us in)
Health reform will even the score
(A bill with some teeth)
So here’s the facts, man
Yeeeah, here’s the facts, man

Those “death panels” were just a lie (Facts, man!)
No-one wants grandparents to die (Facts, man!)
Those are the facts, man
Yeah, just the facts, man
Health reform for you and for me
(Facts, man)