Jindal-Bells, Jindal-Bells, Jindal All The Way!

Mr. Jindal's Neighborhood promotional photo

Mr. Jindal's Neighborhood promotional photo

What a pathetic maroon. It appears that Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal has fallen into the same trap as Republican governors Mark Sanford (South Carolina) and Sarah Palin (Alaska). After last November’s election, these three (along with a few other more established Republicans) were considered to be serious contenders for the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination. But, something funny happened on the way to the convention. All three first tried to make a name for themselves by publicly declaring that they opposed all of President Obama’s stimulus initiatives and then upped the ante by declaring that they would not accept any stimulus funds on behalf of their respective states.

Problem is, when you publicly declare something, the public tends to take notice and hold you to your word. Sanford and Palin both reversed track and accepted the funds. Coincidentally, Palin is no longer a governor and Sanford’s days are numbered. So, then there was one. Bobby Jindal.

After witnessing the demise of Palin and Sanford, Jindal has elected to try a different tactic. He criticized the stimulus package allotted to his home state. He then gleefully, yet secretly, accepted the federal dollars. Thereafter, just yesterday, he disbursed hundreds of thousands of those same dollars (with a promise of millions more to follow) to his constituents but failed to inform them that the money was, in fact, federal stimulus money. How did he do this? Simple, he had a few of those giant checks printed up (you know, like the Publishers’ Clearinghouse checks on tv) which showed the payor/maker to be, ready…, you got it… ” State of Louisiana, Office of the Governor.”

That’s correct. He simply negated to tell his constituents that they were receiving federal stimulus proceeds and instead, mislead them to believe that his office was responsible for the payouts. (See photo below.) As Arte Johnson from the 1960’s television show, Laugh-In would say, “Very interesting…but stupid!” Jindal failed to realize that even some Louisianians can read about his deception in the press. Ouch!


For a very good description of Jindal’s latest antics, see this Crooks and Liars piece here.

Today’s song parody is another from off that list of #1 songs that appeared on my birthday. This one being from 1970. Please enjoy.

Please click on the song link below to have more fun singing along.

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head song link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4XEbwyvxPc


(sung to the B.J. Thomas song “Raindrops keep Falling On My Head”)

Tinfoil keeps formin’ on his head
Bob Jindal’s the guy who can’t remember what he said
Boy, what a dimwit
That tinfoil keeps formin’ on his head, it keeps formin’

Jindal’s been sitting way too long in the sun
He won’t admit it but he needs those Stimulus Funds
Just to keep his job
That tinfoil keeps formin’ on his head, it keeps formin’

And there’s one thing we know
This Jindal guy will cheat me indiscreetly
It won’t be long till Bobby J. implodes completely

Tinfoil keeps formin’ on his head
It’s hard to believe that he’s Louisiana born and bred
Whining constantly
Yet, Bobby still wants to play the game of complainin’
He just can’t see
He’s a spoiled crybaby

(musical interlude)

It won’t be long till Bobby J. implodes completely

Tinfoil keeps formin’ on his head
There’s no chance his state will ever emerge from the red
Not with Bobby J.
Cuz he don’t believe in funds for good job re-trainin’
Or equal pay
There’s no hope for LA


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  1. Bobby Jindall is a complete moron! I hope that he is Sarah Palin’s running mate in 2012….

  2. Enslaving the locals

    What’s the matter with Howdy Doody? He doesn’t have much to say!

    Hopefully he won’t escape the Stimulus Curse that has fallen upon the Grandstanding Governors-of ungrateful backwater states that depend on the largesse of socialist non-real Americans.

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