Has Sarah Palin Boarded the Crazy Train To Koo-Koo Town?


Sarah Palin has been strangely silent since she quit the office of Governor of Alaska. No public speeches. No television appearences. No radio interviews. Little to no Twitter tweets. Oh where, oh where has the winking one gone?

Has she perhaps made a visit to the “Nervous Hospital”? Is she secretly receiving hair restoration treatments? Has she begun writing her book (probably not, she has a ghostwriter for that)? Is she helping O.J. Simpson find the real killers? Is she with Jimmy Hoffa? Has she gone underground?

We all wait with baited breath for our next Sarah sighting. Until then, please enjoy another Sarah Palin song parody. This time it is derived from a song written by those Bad Boys From Boston, Aerosmith.

Please click on the song link below to have more fun singing along.

Back In The Saddle song link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQ_aXyStWO0


(sung to the Aerosmith song “Back In The Saddle”)

She’s back
She’s back in Wasilla again
She’s back
She’s back in Wasilla again

Ridin’ into town dethroned
Like a childish cartoon
Lookin’ for Levi Johnston
To pop like a balloon
That boy’s the missing link
He best not tell no lies
Before Ol’ Sarah can wink
She’ll put out both his eyes

She’s back in Wasilla again
She’s back
She’s back in Wasilla again
She’s back

Best hide all of your dogs and cats
Until the risin’ sun
She’s in her copter wearin’ spats
And with her loaded gun
Shootin’ every living thing
That she can see
Sportin’ those fur hides like bling
On the T.V.
Reciting all of her lines
Like a G.O.P. hack
Tho’ she’s dressed to the nines
Does she have to come……back?

She’s back in Wasilla again
She’s back
She’s back in Wasilla again

She’s whining, and blaming the media
She’s whining, and talkin’ trash “Ya Betcha”
She’s whining, and claimin’ life’s a bummer
She’s whining, where’s her best pal “Joe the Plumber?”

She’s back in Wasilla again
She’s back
She’s back in Wasilla again
She’s back

Tellin’ lies
Tellin’ lies
Tellin’ lies


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  1. Maybe she is spending some quality time with her family. That’s what I think she should be doing.

  2. Where’s Walda?

    Cat got her tongue? (She’s not an animal lover)
    Cold feet? (It’s 150 degrees hotter than usual)
    New media advisor told her to STFU? (Wise, but unlikely)

    The shock of being judged too ignorant and unstable for right-wing radio, coupled with plummeting approval ratings, probably sent her into a debilitating tailspin of panic and self-doubt.

    The only possible choice was to immediately cancel the “Summer Ramble” traveling media circus. The Palin brain trust must be feverishly re-scheduling appearances only in the most backward, boondocky, reddest of the red, locales. Better safe than sorry!

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