Sarah Palin – Money For Nothing


Just what exactly will former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin do with her new found riches? First, she has between $ 400,000.00 and $ 600,000.00 in the SarahPac political action committee coffers. The biggest surprise there is that her supporters donated approximately $ 200,000.00 to the PAC after she quit the governorship and without stating that she would seek election to another office. Either her supporters know something that we do not, or they like giving their money away to useless quitters.

Another source of new found income for Caribou Barbie is the autobiography that she plans to release next year. Reportedly, she will earn upwards of seven figures for the book. Like the rest of us however, she must not have much faith in that University of Idaho journalism degree, because she has retained a ghostwriter to pen the tome. Probably a good idea when one considers that she is unintelligible when she speaks.

Additionally, it has been rumored that Sarah Barracuda has been offered numerous lucrative media opportunities in either television or radio. Yikes! It must be assumed that the interested television networks are The Comedy Channel and The Cartoon Network. Alternatively, Palin and her family could star in some sort of reality series like The Osbournes. On second thought, been there, done that. Her wacky tenure as governor and as a candidate for Vice President already was a surrealistic television reality show. Thank the Lord that it has not been renewed for a second season.  The radio station will most probably be some sort of foreign language format.

Today’s song parody was inspired by a frequent comment submitter on the wildly popular Alaska based The Mudflats blog. She is known as crystalwolf aka caligirl and she’s a hoot.

Please click on the song link below to have more fun singing along.

Money For Nothing song link:


(sung to the Dire Straits song “Money For Nothing”)

I want my, I want my Fox TV

Now look at that Bozo, that’s the way you do it
Fouling up interviews on the TV
Brain ain’t working, that’s the way she blew it
Money for nothing and her clothes for free

Palin ain’t working, told the voters, “screw it”
While she gobbled up every crumb
Maybe get Todd’s sister a break from the clinker

Baby she’s a grifter, she’s pond scum

She belongs in a secret witch coven
Draped in her gaudy finery
She was exposed much sooner than later
By the pros on M-S-N-B-C

Palin’s a starlet with her beehive and her makeup
Yeah buddy, that’s her own hair
That Sarah Palin shoots wolves from her airplane
She even wants to kill the polar bears

She thinks a guv’nor’s pay ain’t worth nothin’
She can’t write despite her degree
We all know she’s a lousy debater
She’ll live off the SarahPac money

(musical interlude)

She thinks a guv’nor’s pay ain’t worth nothin’
She can’t write despite her degree
We all know she’s a lousy debater
She’ll live off the SarahPac money

She’s a rat. She’s a rat.

Her temperament is strangely bizarre
She gives jobs to her high school chums
Look at that Sarah, she can’t stop winkin’ at the camera
Man, that girl is dumb
She’s a nightmare, that cat. Whining annoys us.
Palin thinks the Congo borders Tennessee
Her brain ain’t workin’, that’s the way she blew it
Gets her money for nothin’, gets her clothes for free

She couldn’t take the pushin’ and shovin’
Another weakling G.O.P.
She’s a pre-marital fornicator
Preaching all about abstinency

Listen here
Her brain ain’t workin’, that’s the way she blew it
Her next employer will be Fox TV
She’ll be tongue tied, she’ll bite her tongue and chew it
Money for nothing just like Hannity
Money for nothing like O’Reilly

Killed a turkey for stuffin’ right on the TV
Huffin’ and puffin’ constantly
Look at that. Look at that.
They’ll pay money for nothing on that Fox TV
(I want my, I want my, I want my Fox TV)
Money for nothing just like Hannity
Sleazy, sleazy

She ain’t working.


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  1. Just wondering. If Bill and Hillary Clinton and Al Gore are the smartest people on earth, why did they use ghostwrites? That’s right, because they aren’t writers. Just like Sarah Palin.

    Once again pointing out that the obvious only bolsters your views to those who already agree with you and gives them a good chuckle. It’s tangentially akin to reading the World Socialist organization’s site about how Obama is such a bad guy because he’s not socialist enough.

    • You have missed my point. It is obvious that Sarah Palin would require a ghostwriter because she does not seem capable of uttering an intelligible sentence when she speaks. If the term “word salad” were in the dictionary, Palin’s photo would be next to it. Furthermore, her journalism degree which was earned by attending a series of low level junior colleges and “safety schools” leaves a lot to be desired. Finally, there is that other little sticking point that she has never written anything.

      Al Gore attended and excelled at Harvard and Vanderbilt. Prior to politics he was an investigative journalist and has authored more than a dozen books. Most were authored on his own and at least one utilized a ghostwriter, however, he has demonstrated that he has the acumen to write on his own. Oh, did I mention the Nobel prize.

      Bill Clinton’s academic pedigree is unquestioned. He attended Georgetown University and was Phi Beta Kappa. Next, he received a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford and then was accepted at Yale law School. If you have ever been to law school, let alone an Ivy League law school, you will know that you are competing against the “best and brightest” and that writing ability is essential. He has also authored numerous books and although he has utilized a ghostwriter on at least one occasion, he has proven prior thereto that he has the ability to write and speak fluently.

      Hillary Clinton attended the prestigious and exclusive “Small Ivy” Wellesley College where she was the first student ever to deliver the commencement address. She graduated with honors and then attended Yale Law School (see above). Her first, of many, scholarly articles was published in the Harvard Educational Review in 1973. Upon graduation she became a partner of the high powered Rose Law Firm and was twice listed as one of the 100 most influential lawyers in America. While First Lady she authored a weekly syndicated newspaper column from 1995-2000. She has also authored four books, and as stated above, although she has utilized the assistance of a ghostwriter on at least one occasion, she had already demonstrated her ability to read, speak and write with the best of them.

      Sarah Palin simply does not have any such track record to establish her writing credentials. And to listen to her speak, is to listen to a cacophony of pig latin and misused terminology.

  2. Ouch!
    Great post – and song!
    You’re right on point!


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