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Sarah Palin, Whinin’ And Wailin’

Sarah Palin at the fitting for her inauguration gown.

Sarah Palin at the fitting for her inauguration gown.

Now that Sarah Palin has up and quit the Governorship of Alaska and dashed any hopes of a political future, let’s sing a little song about Lady Prima Donna.

Please click on the song link below to have more fun singing along.

Lady Madonna song link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5wqu1YcK-g


(sung to The Beatles song “Lady Madonna”)

Hey, Primadonna, children at your feet
You and John McCain went down in defeat
Poor Sarah honey’s capital is spent
When she spoke nobody knew what she meant

Some might say your family are all fruitcakes
Tenure in Alaska is now done
Kids of your’s sure missed a lot of school days
Campaigning’s fun

Hey, Primadonna, we are not impressed
An ex-head of state so sluttily dressed
Pa, pa, pa, pa…
Pa, pa, pa, pa…
Obama won

Hey Primadonna, beehive on your head
Has it sunk in yet that your future is dead?

When you speak your words are never-ending
Voters feel that you are really dumb
Your next job will likely be bartending
You are a bum

Hey Primadonna, you can’t take the heat
You were punked by the liberal elite