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We Got The Rhythm and Palin Got The Blues

Palin bids adieu to her Presidential prospects.

Palin bids adieu to her Presidential prospects.

Sarah, we hardly knew ye. When she burst on the scene last August 29th, most Lower 48 Staters had never heard of Alaska’s Governor, Sarah Palin. Most of us wish it had stayed that way. Nonetheless, she did provide us with a boatload of side-splitting laughs and entertainment during the last nine months. Remember those “bridges to nowhere”, “ya betcha’s”, and those never to be forgotten indecipherable mush-mouth interviews with Gibson and Couric? Oh, and how about when we fell more and more in love with Tina Fey as we  simultaneously began to loathe Palin more and more. Well, it is all over now.

When Palin resigned as Alaska’s Governor on the 3rd of July, she also kissed her future national political career goodbye. Listen closely, “she will not be a potential Republican Presidential nominee in 2012.” Her resignation, after having served less than half of her term, demontrates that not only did she give-up on the people of Alaska when the going got tough, but also that she would not likely be able to withstand the much more intense scrutiny of national office. When that criticism is combined with her multitude of personal eccentricities, the self imposed trials and tribulations of her family members, and her far right extreme Christian influenced (out of the political mainstream) conservative political views, it is evident that she is more akin to a tabloid magazine character than a serious political contender.

Moreover, the stage-setting of her impromptu disorganized resignation press conference leads one to believe that something more sinister may be lurking in the background. Will there be a federal investigation and potential indictment or maybe another embarrassing personal revelation? How might Sarah Palin look in a striped pantsuit with a number on back as compared to those fancy store bought Republican National Committee clothes?

Tune in tomorrow. Same Bat time. Same bat channel.

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Got To Get you Into My Life song link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LmG5lpkfb8


(sung to The Beatles song “Got To Get You Into My Life”)

Now she’s alone, out like the tide
I hope she finds more of her kind there
She’ll hit the road with tearful eyes her rising star no longer shines here

Ooh, Palin’s suddenly taboo
No, gubernatorial review
She has exited from our lives

She better run, she better hide
Because the feds are in hot pursuit
It won’t be long for the indictment and again
We’ll say, “we told you”

Ooh, she’s in trouble now clearly
Ooh, she quit so insincerely
Looks like stormy weather every day

Palin’s finally out of our lives

What can she do? What can she be?
Pig with lipstick and Tammy Faye hair
Is it true? Can we believe?
She’s out of view but will she stay there?

Ooh, as she leaves we’ll say, “See you”
Ooh, will Russia still be in view?
Maybe she’ll receive 3 to 5

Palin’s finally out of our lives
Palin’s finally out of our lives

Now she’s alone, out like the tide
I know she’ll find another bind there
She did implode her winking eyes can see pantsuits with lines there

Her surroundings will be new
Will Russia still be in view?
Every single day… (fading)