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Rush The Tragic Maggot


Everyone deserves a nice relaxing vacation in the summer. What do you say if we take a little trip to that fantastic fantasyland where reality and fiction are reversed. No, not Michael Jackson’s Never Never Land, we mean the Wonderful World of Limbaugh.

Two new attractions were added to his theme park this very week. The first is the Amazing Supreme Court House of Mirrors. On this ride you can look at the actual narrow margin 5 to 4 decision in the Ricci v. DeStefano case and mysteriously see a 9 to 0 decision in which each of the sitting justices  personally blames Supreme Court nominee, Sonia Sotomayor for her reckless lower court reasoning. The second attraction is The Great Minnesota Senate Robbery where despite the fact that numerous recounts and the Minnesota Supreme Court (in a unanimous decision, mind you) have validated Democrat Al Franken’s victory, you will be convinced by Limbaugh that somehow he gained the senate seat by means of “lying and stealing.” Hurry, hurry, step right up!

Remember when Limbo repeatedly played his cute little song parody entitled, “Barack The Magic Negro”? Well, Rush here it is coming back at ya.

Please remember to click on the song link below to have more fun singing along.

Puff The Magic Dragon song link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wik2uc69WbU&feature=related


(sung to the Peter, Paul and Mary song “Puff The Magic Dragon”)

Rush the tragic maggot lives by the sea
Was born in 1951 in a state called Missouri
Limbaugh’s education went down in a flush
He made it two semesters and his family kept it hush, oh

Rush the tragic maggot had an injury
It was a pilonidal cyst in a place he could not see
Rush the magic maggot petitioned his country
Then they deemed him too unfit for the military

Therefore he did not travel off to the Ho Chi Minh Trail
Limbaugh the rabid chickenhawk was deemed to be too frail
So he became a disc jockey and pursued his fame
Alas he was a failure as his music taste was lame, oh

Rush the tragic maggot found ABC
And began his talk radio stint shilling for the G.O.P.
Rush the tragic maggot tried football on Monday
But when he showed his racist trait they canned his ass hastily

The maggot talks forever and his voice sure annoys
Calls his listeners “ditto heads” while he’s making noise
Rush thinks that he matters and is gen’rally adored
Poor Rush does not realize he’s like a mouse that roars

The mike that he speaks into bigger, than his brain
His brain-dead thoughtless audience is his gravy train
“Operation Chaos” failed in a big way
Despite all Rush’s efforts the Dems won running away, oh

Rush the tragic maggot lives happily
He doctor shops his days away and frequents pharmacies
Rush the tragic maggot loves his Oxy-C
And when he’s feeling a bit down, there’s the blue pill known as “V”