Sarah Palin Boob Tube Themes – 19


Here comes another 1970’s television sitcom classic. Everybody loves The Love Boat.

Please click on the song link below to sing along.

The Love Boat theme song link:


(sung to the TV theme song “The Love Boat”)

Guv, from Red state not Blue
Thank the Lord, She sees Russia too
Guv, that should be ignored
Palin blows and the First dude too

The Guv Dope soon will be planning another run
The Guv Dope providing laughs for most everyone
With Joe Sixpack her mentor
Poor Sarah ain’t got a chance

And Guv’s, easy to abhor
With a wink and smile that both invite snores
Sarah Palin’s the Guv

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  1. The wink and smile work just fine, with “family values” Republicans.

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