Republicans, The Party of No (Family Values, that is)

Republican Senator, John Ensign feels the heat from his extramarital affair.

Republican Senator, John Ensign feels the heat from his extramarital affair.

A few weeks ago, Congressional Republican leaders considered voting on a resolution to re-name the Democratic Party the “Democrat Socialist Party.” In light of the most recent revelation of another G.O.P. member’s extramarital affair, it might be time to pass a resolution to re-name the Republican Party. Perhaps, the “Party of No Family Values” would be appropriate.

The latest Republican adulterer is Nevada Senator John Ensign. This week we learned of his affair with one of his staff members. Ensign truly believes in keeping it in the family, so long as the family in question is not his own. You see, while having the affair with his mistress-employee, he also employed her husband and their son. Boy, does that ever make for tense staff meetings.

Mr. Ensign has also followed in the hypocritical footprints of former Republican Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich. Both of these impostors called for the resignation of President Clinton when the Lewinsky affair came to light. Neither of them, however was man enough to resign as the result of their own identical indiscretions. Ensign however, doubled down on the hypocrisy when he also called for Republican Senator Larry Craig to resign in light of Craig’s extramarital homosexual airport tryst.

Our list of recent Republican “family values” adulterers now includes Ronald Reagan, Newt Gingrich, John McCain, David Vitter, Mark Foley, Larry Craig, Rudolph Giuliani, Ted Haggard, Bob Allen, Glenn Murphy, Jr., and John Ensign.

This, of course leads to our newest song parody. Hope you enjoy.

Remember to click on the song link below to make singing along a lot more fun.

A Day In The Life song link:


(sung to the Beatles song “A Day In The Life”)

I read the news today oh, boy
About a senator who made the grade
And though the news was rather sad
Well, I just had to laugh
Is there a photograph?

John Ensign’s tryst will leave a scar
A “family values” guy who’s values changed
His dirty laundry will be aired
We’ve seen his kind before
In hypocrisy the G.O.P. wins all of the awards

I watched the news today oh, boy
Seems David Vitter spent time with a whore
It was a girl so he’s not gay
But here’s the funny hook
It’s all in her book
He’d love to make her gone

Horned up and out of bed
Larry Craig needed some head
Went to the airport to find a pup
Things looking up, he thought he found some bait
Found a leg to give a pat
Caught a bust in seconds flat
Gave a poor excuse when the news broke
Just another joke in the dirty G.O.P.

Ah, ah,ah, ah, ah, ah ,ah ……….

I read the news today oh, boy
The Sunshine State’s Mark Foley is a queer
These guys spew hate but have no balls
The party’s sure to fall
Hypocritical A-holes heading straight into a wall

They’d love to turn you on

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