Palin Jumps The Shark (or Happy Daze)


For those of you that are not familiar with the term, “jump the shark” it is generally defined as the point in time when a once popular person or thing begins to lose popularity and, in an attempt to regain its former status, veers off course and into the absurd never to recover again. The term originated during a 1977 episode of the once famously popular television sitcom, Happy Days. In that episode, the oh, so cool Fonzie, while waterskiing (clad in leather motorcycle jacket and swim trunks) in California, performed a daredevil jump over a confined shark. Critics now refer to that moment as the single point in time when Happy Days hit rock bottom and never recovered. In other words, that was the moment in time when the show “jumped the shark.” Get it?

OK then. Now we would like to have a little poll. We would like all readers to identify the point in time when they believe Sarah Palin jumped the shark. For example, was it when she was nominated as VP, or maybe when she began to idolize Joe Sixpack or Joe the Plumber, or perhaps when she told her pitbull joke? Please submit your contributions on the comment section of this post. Now let’s have some fun.

Fonzie Jumps the Shark

Fonzie Jumps the Shark

To capture the spirit of this thing, here is a video link to the actual Happy Days jumping the shark moment:

We also have a song parody of the Happy Days theme.

Happy Days TV theme song link:

Palin Days

(sung to the TV theme of “Happy Days”)

Sunday, Monday, Palin days.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Palin days.
Thursday, Friday, Palin days.
The weekend’s here, that “Bridge to Nowhere”,
“Thanks But Not Thanks” to you.

She prays for hours. To be V.P.
She prays for hours. With the A.I.P.

Hello, “Joe Sixpack” I love you, “Joe the Plumber” is my type too.
I did it with Todd, I did it with John. I feel like a “pig with lipstick” on!

Sunday, Monday, Palin days.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Palin days.
Thursday, Friday, Palin days.
Saturday, Oh, Tina Fey,
I’ve been dreamin’ all week of you.

She prays for hours. “Caribou Barbie”.
She prays for hours. Who’ll tea-bag me?.

These Palin days, will she resign?
These Palin days, she’s a punch-line, Palin days.

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  1. She jumped the shark with that pitiful turnout in NYC where the psych ward patients were on a outing in front of David Letterman’s studio. Who’s the guy who took off as fast as he could in a yellow cab?

    Is the answer Jesus?

    • That one-liner lives on. i’m still in the camp that the” jump the shark” moment was the Couric interview, but reasonable people may differ.

      • I agree with you 100%. The Couric interview was THE moment when the wheels came off for Sarah Palin. Thank God for Katie Couric.

  2. I thinks the entire thing with Letterman now is a jump the shark moment for her.

  3. In my opinion, Palin jumped the shark the very first time she opened her mouth-the “Charlie”Gibson interview-when it became readily apparent that the brainless twit was in way over her head.

    It seems that Palin’s only dreaming is about herself!

  4. I’m starting to think it was the moment she was born……..

  5. drew from lil ol texas

    About the time when she was doing a “pardon the turkey” photo op while in the background you could “clear as day” see the guy sticking the turkey head first into the shreadder!

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