Palin’s Good Old Daze

palin not vetting

Things have not been the same since Sarah Palin blew the election last November. From the moment that John McCain made the mistake of naming her as his running mate we were entertained on a daily basis by her wacky antics, both past and present. New words like, “Ya Betcha” and “mavericky” were introduced to the English language. We had the first ever “shout out” during a nationally televised debate. We met the “First Dude” and her new BFF’s, Joe Sixpack and Joe the Plumber. There were the live interview disasters with Couric and Gibson. There was the funny hairdo and controversial wardrobe. Who will ever forget the lipstick adorned pitbull and pig? And last but not least, we were introduced to the new and improved Tina Fey. Those were the days.

Please remember to click on the song link below so that you may better enjoy singing along with the parody. Also, please note that when the new window opens for the song, you must click on “Play This Track” for it to play.

Old Days song link:


(sung to the Chicago song “Old Days”)

Old days
Before last November
Fun days
Palin’s foolish treasures
“Bridge to Nowhere”
Pitbull with lipstick on
New clothes to wear
Unclaimed per diem pay

Take us back
To “Drill Baby Drill” days
Just like “Troopergate”

Old days
Palin times remembered
Poll daze
When she could see Russia
Foreign places
Winking eyes, “You Betcha’s”
Making faces
Charles Gibson and Couric

Thoughts she couldn’t convey
Golden memories
Spot on Tina Fey

Old days – Joe the Plumber with her every day
Old days – When she fouled up her only debate
Old days – When she killed that turkey on TV
Old days – We laughed so hard that we had to pee
Old days – She said “Maverick” nearly every day
Old days – The “Hockey Mom” that never came to play
Old days – She did not know the role of VP

Old days – who’s the real mother of that baby?

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  1. Let’s not forget the the lusty passion the “hot” new hillbilly woman ignited in the loins of fat old repressed Republicans, which spread like wildfire from Kansas to Alabama.

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