North To Alaska II – The Return Of Palin

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Just a quick Sunday afternoon post. Caribou Barbie has completed her SarahPAC funded junket to New York. Inasmuch as she is returning to Alaska, we thought it appropriate to re-release a song parody which was written upon Palin’s return from her last New York trip. You might recall that after enduring much criticism, she cut that trip short in order to return to Alaska as dangerous Spring season ice flows were devastating many communities.

She’s Leaving Home song link:


(sung to the Beatles song “She’s Leaving Home”)

Thursday morning at ten o’clock as her day begins
Silently pacing her hotel floor
Wishing and praying that Todd would not snore
She goes down to the lobby and buys the ADN newspaper
She sees she’s facing some scrutiny
With trouble at home, she did flee

She (We’re fearing for all our lives)
Is coming (We hope she’s feeling our vibes)
Home ( We’re hoping no one as yet may have died)
She’s coming home to occupy her throne
Though she’s hearing jeers. Lies, lies

Bristol awakes and equivocates about abstinence
Did she contradict what she said on Fox?
Should she even be giving these talks?
She breaks down and cries to her Daddy, “can we get out of here?”
Why did I not use some birth control?
What’s to become of my soul?

She (Should not have listened to Mom)
Is coming (Should not have had sex with that bum)
Home (Family Planning would have helped her get by)
She’s coming home now to whine and to moan
For so many years. Cry, cry

Friday morning at nine Sarah has a photo – op
While looking at ice dams from a hill-top
When she leaves there she’ll be free to go shop

She (She must go buy a new thong)
Is having (She must try Sherry’s new bong)
Fun (Fun is the one thing that she loves to buy)
Something inside that she’s never denied
All these many years. Buy, buy
She’s on the phone. Bye, bye


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  1. Lynnrockets, I LOVE how your mind works!! This is AWESOME!

  2. Not a complete unknown, but definitely with no direction home.
    (“1967 Sunday” trifecta)

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