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Sarah Palin’s Crazy Brain Dead Clan

'Nuff Said

'Nuff Said

Please click on the song link below because it is more fun to sing along with…

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band song link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fv8FMGnLPWA&feature=PlayList&p=30C8B7790BD09F7C&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=22


(sung to the Beatles song “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”)

About twenty years ago or so,
Sarah Palin married Todd her beau
They’ve been trying to enhance her style
With rimless glasses and a great big smile
So may I introduce to you
The folks you’ve known for all these years,
Sarah Palin’s crazy brain-dead clan.

We’re Sarah Palin’s crazy brain-dead clan,
The folks that you’ve all come to know
We’re Sarah Palin’s crazy brain-dead clan,
You wouldn’t want to be our foe.

Sarah Palin’s crazy, Sarah Palin’s crazy,
Sarah Palin’s crazy brain-dead clan.

There’s Bristol and there’s Levi
Good Ole Mike Wooten too
And don’t forget our pal Wayne Ross,
We’d love to take him home with us,
We’d love to take him home.

We don’t really want to end this song,
But Todd’s sister just fired up the bong
And the travel agent’s on the phone,
Seems Sarah’s flying off to Rome

So let us bid adieu, to you
And we’ll see you in about three years
We’re Sarah Palin’s Crazy Brain-Dead Clan.

The Insanity Of Hannity


Sean Hannity, hmmm, where do we begin? Well, let’s start with last night’s edition of Hannity on the Fox News network. As everybody knows, President Obama (or, as we Irish like to say, “O’Bama) is on a tour of the Mideast in an attempt to jumpstart peace negotiations. Inasmuch as every President since Richard Nixon has, at the very least, extolled the virtues and necessity of achieving some sort of maintainable Middle East peace, it is fair to say that Obama’s efforts at same are welcome and warranted. Agreed?

Not so, says Hannity. Of the trip, Hannity said this on his show last night:

The president is off for the Middle East tonight and it’s not hard to think that one of the first things on his agenda is to apologize once again on our behalf. And that is our headlines this Tuesday night, “No More Apologies.”

Hannity went on to say:

Doesn’t this weaken America’s influence and doesn’t it strengthen the resolve of America’s enemies and the influence of America’s enemies? I mean isn’t it really dangerous to do that?

Is this guy for real? How does his audience buy this garbage night after night? Then again, it is a Fox News audience which time after time has been persuaded to buy some good swampland in Florida from Faux News talking heads. But we digress. Let’s consider the source in machine-gun format:

1. Hannity attended two colleges (New York University and Adelphia University) but never graduated or earned a degree;

2. Hannity claimed on-air that waterboarding is not torture and that he was willing to undergo the process. However, when challenged to do just that by Keith Olbermann for $ 1,000.00 for each second (to be donated to charity) that Hannity could endure the process, Hannity declined;

3. Hannity continues to falsely insist that there was a connection between Saddam Hussein and the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks; and

4. Hannity claims that the governmental takeover of GM was a socialist goal of the Obama Administration.

‘Nuff said.

Here comes the obligatory song parody. Please remember to click on the song link below because it makes singing along so much more fun.

Chicago’s Saturday In The Park song link: http://www.ilike.com/artist/Chicago/track/Saturday+In+The+Park


(sung to the Chicago song “Saturday In The Park”)

Hannity in the dark
You’d think that he would open his eyes
Hannity in the dark
It’s rhetoric that the reich wing buys
Keeps us barfing, keeps us laughing
The man is a lame-brain
G.O.P. talking points
Ixnay on the truthiness

Do you dig it? (no, we don’t)
And he’s been at it such a long time
Sean Hannity

Hannity in the dark
You’d think that he would open his eyes
Hannity in the dark
It’s rhetoric that the reich wing buys
His tough talking, while he’s smiling
Scared of waterboarding
Chicken-hawk with gall
Olbermann exposed the fool

Can you dig it? (yes, we can)
And Alan Colmes was such a nice guy

Slow thinking dropout without a college degree
A bought man just can shill for the G.O.P.
Fox News execs know they’re his boss
Know they’re his boss (oh, yeah, yeah)

In a daze, in the dark
Every day’s a day full of lies
In a haze, off the mark
He’s just like Limbaugh in disguise
Embellishing and misleading
An abomination
Like the Berlin Wall
An idiot, pitching a fit

Can you dig it? (no, we can’t)
And he’s been at it such a long time

Sarah Palin Boob Tube Themes – 11

Palin Booze

Sarah Palin at daughter Bristol's High School Graduation

After having had five different stints at college, Sarah Palin could not decide which one to honor on her sweat shirt. Hence, she went with the generic look. Here’s to you “Barracuda”.

Please remember to click the song link below because it makes singing along a lot more fun.

Cheers theme song link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FD8ljNobUys


(sung to the theme of television’s “Cheers”)

Finding a way to get legal fees paid takes everything she’s got.
A defense fund from citizens, sure would help a lot
Sarah, what have you got to say?

Ethics probes won’t go away, and everyone knows you’re to blame
You even brought down John McCain
“Bridges to Nowhere” and “Troopergate”, ruined the Palin surname
Why don’t you just step down so you can avoid more shame

Furthermore, “Sarah Barracuda” is a stupid nickname
Why don’t you just step down so you can avoid more shame


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