Boston Shock Jock Jay Severin – Update


This is an update to an article posted on May 19, 2009 on this blog.

A major radio station in the Boston Metropolitan Area, known to progressives as WKKK suspended afternoon drive-time host Jay Severin on April 30, 2009 as the result of hateful onair commentary (See, Lynnrocket’s article posted on 5/19/09 for an audio clip of his vitriolic diatribe). His brand of psycho-babble makes one wonder what he thinks of the inscription on the Statue of Liberty which reads, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses” etc. Despite assertions by Severin’s attorney, George Tobia that the shock jock would return to the airwaves in a short period of time, he remains on suspension after the passage of nearly a month.

The Boston Globe reports today that the suspension may evolve into a firing as the result of a boycott of the show’s advertisers and a recent ratings slide from third place to fourteenth place in the all-important age range of 25 to 54.

If such is the case, we say, “Bravo” to the activist boycotters and receptive advertisers and , “Good Riddance” to James Severino. As we like to say in Boston, “Jay, we hardly knew ye.”

Any comments?

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  1. I’ve got to say… Im pretty glad we never had him here. (Im an Australian) and congrats to successful campaigners.

  2. He definitely has a face for radio… with a mouth only rush could ever love.

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